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Hi there, I’m Teacher Kitty!

About the tutor

I have 11 years of experience with 120 hours of TESOL Certification teaching English Online.

This experience helped me to understand various cultures, appreciate individual differences, and identify my student's needs and potential. I am very proud to say that I am a non-Native English Speaker. I've spoken to different Nationalities and I am so excited to teach you to become "YOURSELF" not to be a Native Speaker.

As a result, 99% of my students are satisfied with my lessons and they continue studying with me for more than 1-5 yrs in counting!

Learning English is like learning a musical instrument- you should not only learn it, you must also practice it!

If you love what you are doing, you won’t get tired of doing it. And I assure you that I will never get tired of teaching you and will make your learning experience easy and enjoyable.

Let's Ace your goal now!


10 years of experience that could lead your team towards your goals to be fluent and communicative in your spoken English.


My exercise program for business English is specifically designed to help you speak English with confidence, clarity and credibility.

I will help you to speak out whatever it is in your mind. I will teach you the most useful English Expressions such as IDIOMS, PHRASAL VERBS, and HOW TO GET FLUENCY IN ENGLISH.


Education and experience

TESOL and TEFL Certified Teacher

January 2013

Certificate verified

Experience Teacher for more than 11 years!

Bachelor's Degree in Education

March 31 2009-2013

Pangasinan State University

Bachelor of Science in Information and Communications Technology 

Diploma verified

Master of Business Administration MBA

May 2023 -Present

AMA University 

Master of Business Administration


Parrotskun eikaiwa

2013-2014 ESL Teacher

2014-2017 ESL Teacher

International Language school in America

2017-present Coach in English

IELTS Trainer

2022- Present Coach and IELTS English Trainer


  • English

  • Filipino

  • Japanese

  • Pangasinan

Corporation I have worked with...

Glass Buildings


My life map

I’m living in a very rural town called “Pangasinan” here in an archipelago of the Philippines. Life is so simple, that I could feel the breeze of the air upon the leaves, away from any catastrophic weather.

 I have 5 sisters and 6 brothers, well I am the youngest of a family of 12. Isn't that amazing to have a big family? When I was younger I am always asking my parents, myself, why am I so dumb? Why am I so slow? Why am I always left behind among the students… 

One day, I was in my cousin's backyard and saw them playing touch ball. I didn’t know what game it was before, my cousin Akle told me that if I ran all of the houses in that place, then I could join their games. Sooner I was determined and finished the line! I said yahoo!. I was so tired and exhausted! (breathing.. uhuhuh) Lots of sweat around my face, breathing… suddenly, they all laughed at me, didn't know why? Why are they laughing at me since I have done all of their commands? Didn’t know what’s going on? (Sighs)… 

I was a bullied girl growing up then. Until I became immune to my current situation. Over the years they knew that I am so dumb, always bullied when I was a kid. From then I was still searching for the answers to my questions. Is there anything or a way to become smart? (Laugh) Weird question or what about becoming a millionaire? My parents are so busy making money to bring home the bacon. In other words, They don’t have time to educate me and as a 7 yrs old girl I am still searching for learning… asking myself is there any person to whom I could ask all of my questions? I didn’t have any… until such time that 2 nuns went to our house and asked me and my sister, Rich If we want to be a nun. 

I said “yes” and she said “yes too” without knowing what was going to happen to us. I was just thinking of going out of the box, where I am living.

 In the convent 

I was 13 when I entered the convent, I didn’t see my parents for more than 3 years. That time, I have opened my eyes and at last! I am now completely focused on learning what I’ve always wanted: thank god, to the power of spiritual meditation. It is the ability to reflect on the silence around you and seek a deeper connection with God or Universe. 

I have even discovered my potential in arts and creativity inside the convent since I am facilitating the events into a Bible study, a short speech, and a catechism to the street children. I have learned how to speak with different people in the crowd at big or small events. I’ve learned how to speak English too, which is now my profession. I have a vast way of discipline and it taught me a lot of things and even much closer to God. After that, I went back home, went to college, and got a lot of experiences at the university.

Where you are today? 

Now that I have overcome a lot of my fears, such as fear of failing the exam, fear of people, getting embarrassed, lack of self-esteem, insecurities, and even an uncontrolled mind. I am no longer afraid of failures, I am ready to leap! Because I believe that it’s a part of the process. Everyone has a chance, a chance of everything, creating a business, forgiving other people’s faults, and a chance to change. I learned how to set a goal when I was 26. 

Those days I was reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It changed my life that my schools didn’t teach me how to set goals. From that time I didn't waste even a single dime of my time. I became more aware of whom I am going to accompany…

As I remember the chapters: the Desire, faith, autosuggestion, specialized knowledge, imagination, organized planning, decision, persistence, power of the mastermind, the subconscious mind, the brain, and the sixth sense. I simply applied those principles in that book and viola! I could say that I am the product of this book. 

In my current position, I have been teaching and coaching English all around the world with different companies such as Pasona group corporation from Japan, Korber- a pharmaceutical company, a private company named OMB an IT solution from Korea and Thailand. I can't believe I'm working at STEMily  whose providing a fantastic hands-on STEM activities for each family! for a lifetime of interest in science and technology.  I have coached celebrities and high executives who unexpectedly didn’t know how I came here so far?

I realized that little steps are so impactful towards our goals....


Determine where you might want to go next? 

To go next? Wow...I feel so excited about the future at the same time I also feel the “FEAR”... For this reason, I aim to write down my new fear on a sheet of paper, trying to cross out if I have overcome it. Furthermore, I would like to go to the next level to teach and continue my corporate classes both online and offline lessons. In addition, I would invest my time in improving myself by having classes, reading books, and developing new skills towards my goal. So help me God!


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